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Products that sell fast on AsterVender


Personal cars

Metallic red Nissan Juke and many other brands

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Houses & Land

Many of our visitors are looking for houses and land.

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PS4 Tekken 7

Internationally released on 02.06.2017. Made available in Mauritius on 12.06.2017

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Hoverboard with bluetooth speakers!

Includes LED lights and bumper.

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The above products have been sold in big quantities. Top selling products include informatics, PS4 games, mobile phones, fidget spinners, cars, houses and many more!

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What is AsterVender about?

In short, you will now be able to create a free profile and start selling to anyone in Mauritius. We offer a 100% free seller's profile.

Everything in One Place

Sell anything you got - new or old. From cars to fidget spinners, you can select one of few hundred categories.

Products & Services

You can offer services also with us. From tuition to car repair services, you can advertise your business with us!

Sell damaged products also

Even if it is broken, you can still make money from it! Just tell your customers in what condition the item is.

Free for everyone

Sellers get a free profile where they can add their products for free.

Facebook Promotion

Everyday we publish top products and services to Facebook. A good picture will get you there.

Free Support

Are you not sure about something? We are here to assist you with any question or problem. Just contact us 24/7.

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How much does it cost?

We have done our best to offer you a free platform so you can sell your products without limitations.

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