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Life's busy with work treadmill makes you less time to take care of themselves with diet and exercise do not balance the body become increasingly tired, body imbalance and no longer slender as ever…
To help the body back neatly, firmness, mental clarity you need to find yourself a utensil support for renewable energy quickly help the body youthful and energetic, the PR-C08 Body Massage Belt Vibra is great choice for you.

Detachable massage machine, the machine can operate independently or simultaneously through using handy connectors. With PR-C08 Body Massage Belt Vibra you can use for hands, back, waist, hips, thighs ... awesome right?

Full body massage machine vibration - Utility :
Booting the abdominal muscles, abdominal fat stimulate Create flat abdominal muscles, drain excess fat in the abdomen abdominal skin and muscle massage, anti-flame. Abdominal muscles relax, smooth skin, increase skin elasticity belly. Cell stimulation, muscle activity materials, production growth collagen and elastin production. Funny physical therapist - motor stimulation system under the skin effect (muscles and nerves) increases muscle growth. Body Vibra also functional recovery.

Experience the fun with Vibra Belt Body full body massage PR-C08

Details :
- Product Name: PR-C08 Body Massage Belt Vibra
- Power: 18W
- Input: 100- 240V AC, 50-60 Hz
- Power output: 12V DC
- Net weight: 1.56 kg
- Dimensions: 31x12x9cm
- Warranty 12 months

Rs 3,500

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Category Fitness & gym equipment
Item condition Used
Payment type Cash
Date added 20-05-2021
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