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WRIST STRAP - 21 inches


1. Highest grade, heaviest duty - built to outlast other wrist wraps on the market using high grade polyester materials instead of cotton or other cheap materials. tested to perform in the most extreme conditions. our wrist wraps are guaranteed to outperform and out-last even the most expensive wraps on the market.
2. True 21" length (we don't count the hook and loop like other brands) - this means higher levels of tightness adjustability and more support when you need it compared to shorter wraps. this length is also not too long, making the wrapping process quick and not cumbersome.
3. Proprietary heavy duty elastic - gives superior levels of support to immobilize the wrist when necessary; yet can also be wrapped lightly to allow freedom of movement in the wrist joint - while still giving support with less restriction of blood flow when compared to more stretchy wraps. doesn't turn overly soft or stretchy.
4. 2.5" thumb loop & top grade hook and loop - thumb loop lasts longer, doesn't fray and snap. each wrap has a designated right & left hand for symmetrical wrapping. our top grade hook and loop secures strong, and doesn't pop loose mid set. we double zig-zag stitch our hook and loop, ensuring it doesn't tear from the elastic.
5. 5 star experience guarantee - we're confident you'll absolutely love our wrist wraps

Rs 1,100

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Supporter's accessories

Item condition New
Payment type Cash
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Date added 26-12-2018
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Username VeeG
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Address 85 Morc Palmyre, Flic en Flac
Regions where product is available
Available in Rodrigues
Port Louis
Beau Bassin - Rose Hill
Vacoas - Phoenix
Quatre Bornes
Quartier Militaire - St.Pierre

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